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Our mission

“Our future depends on cooperation, not competition,” explains founder Dr Abdoulaye Diallo. Thanks to our actions and those of our volunteers and donors, we have implemented more than 10 projects with the aim of improving the quality of life of the population, such as hygiene and access to drinking water. In 2019, we built 16 deep wells in communities outside the capital of Conakry , and five were built in schools alongside toilets, giving 5,191 pupils access to good hygiene . In short, this WASH project alone has provided 8,400 people with drinking water. The construction of public toilets in local markets means that 1,200 traders now have access to clean sanitary facilitiesOur recycling project is the first step in raising the local population’s awareness of plastic consumption and waste management. We now have 8 employees, including 4 women, who have found jobs with the aim of recycling 16 tonnes of waste a month. At Euroguinée, we work passionately to create a more sustainable and just world for all. Our mission is to raise awareness of environmental issues and mobilise people to implement positive, sustainable solutions and raise awareness of the devastating effects of global warming and colonial exploitation of the environment. 

Dr. Abdoulaye Diallo


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