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Who is Mama Bandelengue?

Mama Bandelengue 2011

A lot has happened since David and I met Mama Bandelengue and her children in Guinea/West Africa in 2008: thanks to your donations, 20 orphans now have permanent basic provision.

We would like to thank you for your loyal support on behalf of Mama Bandelengue and her children.

Nevertheless, there is still a lot to be done. That’s why we’d like to reach as many friends and acquaintances as possible with this newsletter. For those who are not yet familiar with our project, please enclose a leaflet. We’d be delighted to send it to interested friends.
Moving on to our annual report: In 2011, David’s uncle Paul, who is responsible for the project on site, in collaboration with the nuns, has enabled 27 children to go to school since October of this year. The children are looked after all day, receive 3 meals a day, a school uniform and equipment. Their home is still with Mama Bandelengue in the town of Boké. She took the children in and begged them to give them food.

The total cost of school education, care and nutrition for the 27 children is around €12 per child per month.

In order to enable 27 children to continue their education, we are hoping to attract permanent donors. A small amount for us in Germany can achieve so much!

Because of the direct link with Guinea and the regular visits of David Diallo/Rongier’s family to Frankfurt/Paris, all donations are only changed into Guinean francs locally and are therefore not subject to the huge fluctuations of inflation and transfer costs. So you have our promise that every cent you donate will reach Mama Bandelengue and her 27 children.
Enclosed you will find a photo of the 20 children whose lives you have made a little more pleasant. Seven more photos will follow in 2012.

Information about the project is available at (updated soon). The association was founded by David’s father Jean-Claude and his good friend Abdoulaye Diallo, and is responsible for other worthwhile aid projects in Guinea. New members are welcome.

Here are the facts again:

Pre-school children: 8 pre-school children, aged between 3 and 6, 19 primary school children, aged between 6 and 15, school system, supervision and funding: 3rd term = October-December / February-April / June-August (between holidays). During school hours, a dedicated cook provides two meals a day / all-day care by the nuns. For all the children, this care/care/education until June 2012 is guaranteed and made possible thanks to donations.
If WE manage to provide schooling for the children for the next few years, the Bandelengue orphanage will still have a plot of land to build on.

You can find contributions to this project here.

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